Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is primary key of our websites which is a trustable issue for our all visitors. We give honour to anyone’s privacy and we are very thankful that you have shared your personal data such as your name, residential address, email id and contact number with us. Its our duty to protect your personal information being disclose to anyone and assurance for privacy also referred to you by our websites. We collect information of you to provide better services and you also be able to see our websites more reliable services which are websites provides.

We are satisfy that our special services given to an authenticated visitors who has applied for that. If you don’t want to share your personal data or you have any kind of doubt to being theft your privacy terms but still you want to connect with our website ’WINGO CABS’ we have also a facility to those visitors. There is a option to connect without giving your personal information but you are unable to access our voucher offers and services which are provided for authenticated visitor. Our website do not share the any user’s data to other party it is truly reliable and registered.

Our website taking many steps to improve the privacy protection which are provided by you to our website. We manage and use many new technologies to proceed this act. Here we work with strict security so that it save the your personal data being unwrapped or disclose to any other fake one and do not have any chance to misuse your identities. If we include any new services for privacy term we will notify our user for our new privacy policy so you manage your private data according to new feature of our website.

If you have any problem or doubt you don’t want to take facility and services of our website you can easily move and you want to give any advice or any of our services does not give you satisfaction so you can share your good/bad experience by giving ur feedback to us.

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